Variety In Graduation Caps

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imagecontentuniversityWhen its the time of graduation, everybody remembers caps and gowns for graduation. This graduation dress, that was once everyday uniform worn by students in 12th century, is now seen only during commencement ceremony. As a result, academic regalia are viewed as the symbol of prestige and accomplishment.

The academic regalia consist of mid-calf or ankle length gowns, hood at the back and caps with tassels. All of these sections of the academic regalia follow the color code and style set by the respective university or school. Out of these, the caps or also known as graduation hats are an important component and the academic regalia are incomplete without it. The caps too bear the same color that of the gowns. There is a wide variety in the graduation caps based on the styles and shapes. Heres a quick guide on the types of graduation caps.

Types of graduation caps:

The most common type of graduation cap comes with a square top and is called as mortarboard or trencher. This kind of cap is adorned with a nylon tassel and a headpiece that helps in keeping the hat at place. The caps are made up of the material used for the gowns. The only exception to this is the caps for the doctors degree, which are made up of velvet irrespective of the material of the gowns. This kind of cap can have multiple sides, but 4 sided velvet tam is mostly recommended.

In some of the universities, undergraduates may not wear the caps. However, now the graduation ceremony is not completed without the headgear. Doctorate holders generally wear soft rounded hats known as tam or Tudor bonnets. Other types of hats consist of pileus, Bishop Andrews cap and John Knox cap. Pileus styled hat is worn in the University of Sussex. It is a cylindrical hat made of black velvet. It also consists of a twilled silk button at the center. The Bishop Andrews cap is viewed as the reinvention of academic caps of ancient style. The modern mortarboards are made in the same fashion as of these hats. However, there is a slight difference between the modern academic caps and the Bishop Andrews caps. The later have floppy and soft top and instead of a button and tassel, these have pompom and tump at the center. Usually these are made of black velvet.

The types of graduations hats are also classified on the basis of material these are made from. Students can get cloth graduation caps fabricated from washable cotton. Satin caps look shiny and silky than the cotton hats. The mortarboard of the graduation caps is made from cardboard as well. These kinds of hats are cheaper than the cotton or satin hats.

Generally the colors of the hats (and the academic regalia) depend on the discipline. For example, a graduate of dentistry will wear lilac color, while dark blue is the color for graduates of philosophy. However, students now wear any color, preferably the color code of their university or college. Students can buy these headgears from a cap and gown sale as well.

10 Tips to Survive the Essay Writing Exam

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An essay writing exam can be frightful for most college students. However, if you prepare in time for your exam, you will be able to pass it successfully. Simply pay attention to a few important factors and make sure to start preparations for the final exam at least 2 to 3 weeks before the scheduled date.

  1. Learn the structure of the essay

Regardless of the type of essay you will write, each of them has to follow the exact same structure. A professional essay has an interesting introduction, a body with 3 to 4 paragraphs and a nice conclusion.

  1. Learn from the best in the field

Several weeks before the exam, order an essay online. For example, you can order an essay from one of the best companies out there. Make sure to read professional reviews at, where they offer a high standard review on each important essay writing service online.

  1. Read a few books

If you know the main topicsof your essay for the exam, make sure to read several books in that niche. This will help you expand your literary knowledge and language of expression.

  1. Pay attention to grammar

Read a few important English grammar guides. Learn essential essay punctuation and stylistic rules. This will help ensuring your essay will be error free.

  1. Learn citations by heart

You should learn a few relevant citations by heart, so that you can include themin your essay. This will surely impress the committee.

  1. Use brain storming apps

Online, you will find plenty of free brain storming applications which are helpful to increase your creativity. Such an app will definitely assist you in coming up with interesting titles and topics for our essay.

  1. Avoid plagiarism at all costs

Never ever copy the idea of a famous author, and never make a reference to afamous idea and write it as your own. This is plagiarism, and it is a serious fraud.

  1. Review.Review

At least 2 weeks before the final date of the exam, start reviewing and reading through your study notes. You don’t have to learn your notes by heart, it is enough if you read them again and again every day.

  1. Don’t use unnecessary words and phrases

A professional college essay shouldnot contain clichés, unnecessary words and ‘fluff” (the so called filler content). Focus on clean language and nice expressions.

  1. Take your time…

Never rush to write fast during an exam. Take your time, because you have plenty. You can focus on each part of the essay at least 20 to 25 minutes. There is no reason to rush, because you will make mistakes.

These are the 10 best tips you should definitely remember when an essay writing exam is coming up.  If you focus on these, you will manage to write a beautiful and creative essay that will bring you the perfect grade you are looking for. Good luck!


Best Essay Writing Service on Proofread Your Manuscript First

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All of us write. We either write for school, work, or hobby. At school, we are required to submit expositions, essays, and theses. At work, we are asked by our boss to write technical papers, communication/letters, and proposals among other things. And some of us like to write personal letters, blogs, opinions, stories, and other manuscripts that we either publish or keep to ourselves. Aside from the grades and professional factors influence us to work harder on our papers; we have the impression that our works has immense impact on our image and personality. Our writings says a lot about us—our values, knowledge, skills, and viewpoint in life. Hence it is very important that we take writing very seriously. We have to make sure that the facts, grammar, syntax, and style of our works are appropriate and outstanding.

How do we ensure the quality of our writings? Aside from doing great on your research and encoding of ideas, it is best recommended that you let other proofread your works. A lot of companies and freelancers are now offering the best essay writing service on You can take advantage of these services. Although some may disapprove of this practice, it is never wrong to ask for some degrees of help from other people. As long as the article was a result of your hard work and ideas and you did not commit plagiarism, I believe asking for assistance about grammar and writing style is not wrong. In the process, you will learn how professional papers are written by experts. And hopefully, depending on your own effort, you will learn the techniques by yourself.

How important is it to let other see your work? Well, very important due to the following reasons:

  • There are some errors (in spelling, grammar, facts, and figures) that you may have overlooked. These errors will more likely be noticed by another set of eyes, expert’s eyes, giving you the chance to make the necessary corrections or adjustments.
  • The readability of your work will more likely be improved. You as the writer may understand the concepts, arguments, and what you mean, but your reader/s may not. There are times when we think our paper is already clear, concise, and legible only to find out that it is not. There are times that we are already confident that our piece is adequately interesting and we want confirmation. This is where the professional best writing service-1 comes in.
  • By letting others to proofread your work, you will receive suggestions on how to improve it. Chances are the proofreader has already seen similar topics or they have read some books that can illuminate and strengthen your assertions / claims. This will save you time at the same time increase the quality of your paper.

There are other reasons why you need to have your papers reviewed by other people. Of course you can always ask your friend or family but what if they are also busy or they are unfamiliar with your topic? It is still best to turn to professional advice. – Where Graduate Applicants Meets Employers

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P 1 10So you are already a graduate. Congratulations! It’s now time to look for a career opportunity. These days, people especially the fresh graduates find it hard to get a job and compete with other candidates. How can you make the employers notice you? If you don’t know where to start, let help you out.

You may use the web to find jobs online but landing one is not easy. Also, finding a job that meets your skills and qualifications is not as easier as before today. But with, rest assured that good employers will easily find you. offers a unique as well as a pioneering approach for graduate recruitment. It is the only place online where fresh graduates can actually land the job faster. It puts both graduate and employer branding opportunities, networking and job vacancies all in just one place, making it easier for graduates to find the best jobs available while helping the employers to pick the most suitable candidates for their needs.

How Does Work?

For Students/Graduates:

This website has made it easier and possible for graduates and even working students to find real career opportunities and create real connections. Everything starts by signing up as an employer or the talent. For the students and graduates, they will get a profile page in which they can add some words to introduce and promote themselves. You are actually free to write what you think will make you stand out from the crowd. also gives you the ability to upload and post videos or showcase your previous work to display your skills and make employers believe that you are best fit for the vacancy in their organization.

Aside from those privileges, you can also start following the companies and then send your application for a job that you want. Truly, makes it more possible for graduates and students to get real opportunities for them to find their dream career.

For Employers:

For all talent seekers, all they need to do to find the most suitable candidate for their job offers is to use Get started your search for the best job applicants by setting up your company page and you will be instantly connected with a real, competent talent. With, you can start advertising job opportunities, market your brand, screen the candidates, shortlist and then contact those talents you want to consider for the job. is also giving all talent seekers the needed access to their sophisticated Brinkmetrics which will let you see talents who follow you.

Why Choose

This website is claimed to be the ultimate marketplace for graduate recruitment today. The founders of aim to help employers to find new graduates and students who want a decent career. This site will make it easier for the students and graduates to see the jobs available while in return, it aids the employers in filtering the pool of candidates and choose the best applicant who possesses the skills and competency they have been searching for. The co-founders of this platform, Jami and Faiza, promise that will always be a great place for students and graduates to embark their career.

What is the Littlehouseofscience Kids Science Franchise?

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P 1Are you a teacher, school headmaster, or someone running a kindergarten aiming to make learning science a fun activity for kids?

Little House of Science can be your best partner in achieving this goal through a franchising option. Even though named as little house, it is a serious affair and well-researched initiative to make project-based science learning a fun for kids.

What is Little House of Science?

Little House of Science is a humble initiative to ensure the kids go farther with proper inspiration and enthusiasm in learning science of the world around them. This not only helps them to develop a flair for science for their academics, but also gives them a proper insight about nature and life around them.

Aiming to create the next generation of successful scientists, Little House of Science aims to offer the right foundation to youngster of different age groups by offering an age-adjusted curriculum. The curriculum of Little House of Science is designed in such a manner to offer the children enjoyable learning through experiments and exploration. You now have the option to run a Little House of Science’s math or science club at your school or preschool, which can be rewarding to both you as well as the kids you care for.

Little House of Science Kids Science Franchise

Through the franchising option, Little House of Science offers weekly after-school science and math project workshops, including various sessions for children from 3 to 11 years. There are programs for babies and toddlers too. All these classes are well researched and aimed to fulfil the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of children about things around them.

Little House of Science franchise works as a management franchise, which is a physical building as a part of your existing business with expert employees conducting these workshops and classes. The major benefits you can enjoy at a glance are;

  • A flexible and affordable franchising option.
  • Quick and hassle-free ROI
  • Easy and rewarding to operate the franchise
  • Low fixed overheads
  • Exclusive coverage at large territories
  • An innovative idea which can market on its own
  • Full training curriculum and ongoing support offered

Little House of Science has a proven track record with many successful associations with reputed brands as The Institute of Physics. Brian Cox also supported Little House of Science to recognize the winners of the Little Science Award 2015. As of late, the provider is also recognized by the Royal Society of UK with an opportunity for educational and experimental demonstrations at their Annual Summer Exhibition. Little House of Science is also partnered with various science museums and educational organizations across the country.

Sample programs Little House of Science offers through franchise are;

  • Little Discovery for age 6 to 24 months – Aimed to stimulate little senses with various rhythm, colour, objects, and shapes. Introduction to numbers, plants, animals, bugs etc.
  • Little Science for age 3 to 8 years – Project-based workshops for fun and interactive learning.
  • Big Science for age 8 to 11 years – Advance workshops for the next generation scientists to nurture in-depth understanding of scientific concepts.

Little House of science also arranges for various activities like science fairs and shows, parties and special events, and licensed programs directly at schools. For more details and comprehensive understanding, visit

How to choose a career path that is right for you?

February 23, 2016 Posted by admin

Choosing a career path is one of the most intriguing things in the life of an individual. One can get confused and lost in between passion and career. Most students today are forcefully dragged by their families to get into a career they hardly have any interest in. Career choices today are vast, and this can often wreak havoc with a student’s decision making ability.

An aspiring career-oriented individual is focused towards building a dream right from the high school. Making the right career choice starts right after the completion of tenth standard and one has to decide at that time, in what field he/she is getting into.  The education system of today in most schools and colleges is such that, depending on the marks scored by the students, they’re advised to get into the respective fields.

Most bright students with high percentage of marks are entered into Science, average and above average students go into the commerce field whereas the below average students get into the arts and humanities stream.

But today, the times have changed, there are various creative career opportunities for students and one can choose a career in which he/she takes interest and is drawn towards. Most often the students are puzzled between the sea of career choices and options available in the world. It can be quite a difficult task to choose the right career for them.

Many students are not sure which direction their career should proceed. They are constantly obscured between this and that. Furthermore, there are times when students just want to feel more fulfilled and carve their own niche in their career.

The following are some guidelines to help students select a right career path:

  1. Take tests

Many students don’t actually know their hidden potentialities. They haven’t discovered what they’re good at and what they aren’t. Taking a test on career assessment in school or college certainly helps them to narrow down their choices. One can find out the field in which he/she is good at, and focus on that when it comes to choosing the further field of study.


  1. Enroll in an Internship program.

Internships offer a good amount of exposure to the corporate world one has to enter after completion of studies. Getting an internship is certainly a good choice as it helps one understand the type of career it is. An internship helps in finding and building a good network that can be beneficial for you in the long term.


  1. Career counseling

Career counseling is the first hand remedy to solve the issue of having to make the right career choice. A counseling session helps one in evaluating the pros and cons of a career that they’re interested in. Career Counselors offer professional advice on each of the career options available in today’s era.  The kind of career choices that have bigger scope and demand in the market is well explained by the counselors.



  1. Get advice from a mentor

A mentor can offer you with the right career advice that will prove to be advantageous for you. A mentor is someone who knows you in and out, and therefore asking for help from a mentor is a great option as they will help you in choosing the career that fits as best at a personal as well as a professional front.


  1. Contemplate on your own dreams

Every one of us has a set of goals and dreams to achieve. Each student has something in their mind as to what they want to pursue in the future. While there are some who are sure of what they want to become right from an early age, and then there are others who have a passion for various creative activities. Thinking about what motivates you will help you achieve your dream and make the right career choice.


  1. Pursue your interest

The world offers a myriad of opportunities today for the skillful. One can turn their talent into their career and doing something that you love and making a career out of it is probably the most exciting and inspirational thing to do. Making a career out of your talent is a great idea and there are plenty of opportunities waiting for such talented students to accomplish their dreams and succeed in life.


  1. Plan your career

Planning is the central activity needed for execution of any task. Planning is one of the biggest pre-requisites of success. Planning your career can be done by making a career chart plan. If you have a definite plan, it is most likely that you will succeed in your career. Therefore, plan your goals accordingly and decide on the career choices you have on each one of your career plan.